Studies in Late Byzantine Painting


24 x 17 cm
458 pp. 320 illus.
Publication: 1995
ISBN 0 907132 87 1
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 87 5

Book Description

Doula Mouriki’s death in 1991 was a great loss to Greek scholarship. In a career of just under thirty years she made a major contribution to the study of Byzantine art in Greece.

This volume brings together eight of the most influential of Professor Mouriki’s papers on late Byzantine painting. These are principally concerned with Palaeologan monumental painting in Greece, and include two papers on Georgian fresco cycles, and an important study of the thirteenth-century icons of Cyprus. Dr. Melita Emmanuel has contributed a preface and supplementary notes.


  • Preface by Melita Emmanuel
  • Stylistic Trends in Monumental Painting of Greece at the Beginning of the Fourteenth Century
  • The Mask Motif in the Wall Paintings of Mistra. Cultural Implications of a Classical Feature in Late Byzantine Painting
  • Stylistic Trends in Monumental Painting of Greece during the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
  • Reflections of Constantinopolitan Styles in Georgian Monumental Painting
  • Revival Themes with Elements of Daily Life in Two Palaeologan Frescoes Depicting the Baptism
  • Thirteenth-Century Icon Painting in Cyprus
  • Observations on the Style of the Wall Paintings of the Sion Church at Ateni, Georgia
  • Palaeologan Mistra and the West
  • Additional Notes
  • Index
  • Additional information




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