Eastern Turkey: An Architectural & Archaeological Survey Volume IV


24 x 17 cm
536 pp. 120 plates
48 maps and plans
Publication: 19990
ISBN 1 907132 52 9
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 52 8

Book Description

Vol. IV

  • 11. Commagene and Edessa
  • 12. The Hatay
  • Bibliography.
  • General Index.

The initial section here covers the monuments of the important Hellenistic kingdom of Commagene, and includes Edessa (Urfa), the capital of a Crusader state, where there are also significant Islamic buildings. The final section, on the Hatay, focuses on the city of Antioch, with Seleucid, Roman and Byzantine remains, and the castles of the Crusader period in its vicinity. The neo-Hittite site of Karatepe and the Georgian and Syrian monasteries in the Hatay region are also dealt with. A comprehensive bibliography and index to all four volumes comes at the end.

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