Studies in Byzantine & Islamic Silk Weaving


24 x 17 cm
480 pp. 105 illus.
Publication: 1995
ISBN 0 907132 93 6
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 93 6

Book Description

Professor Anna Muthesius is a leading specialist on Byzantine silks. This book brings together the most important of her papers published over 20 years on Byzantine and related silks from 400 to 1200 AD. Some of the papers and plates are currently only available in this book. All items have been amended or annotated as necessary in the light of current knowledge. The figures have been re-drawn especially for this volume, and the text has been reset to an appropriate standard.

The articles deal with the economic, political, social, religious, artistic and cultural aspects of mediæval silk production, distribution and use. They illustrate the tremendous impact of Byzantine silk weaving on the Islamic Mediterranean and Near East, and on the Latin West before 1200 AD. The volume contains the research results of a working lifetime, in a form not otherwise obtainable.


  • Introduction
  • De zijden stoffen in de Schatkamer van de Sint Servaaskerk te Maastricht
  • The Silk over the Spine of the Mondsee Gospel Lectionary
  • The Silks from the Tomb of Archbishop Walter
  • A Practical Approach to History of Byzantine Silk Weaving
  • Silks and Saints: The Rider and Peacock Silks from the Relics of St. Cuthbert
  • Byzantine and Islamic Silks in the Rhine-Maaslands before 1200
  • From Seed to Samite: Aspects of Byzantine Silk Production
  • The Impact of the Mediterranean Silk Trade on Western Europe before 1200 AD
  • The Griffin Silk from St. Trond
  • Silken Diplomacy
  • Crossing traditional boundaries: Grub to Glamour in Byzantine silk weaving
  • The Role of Byzantine Silks in the Ottonian Empire
  • Politics, piety and the silken cult of relics: Aachen Münster treasury silks in historical context
  • Silk, Power and Diplomacy in Byzantium
  • The hidden Jewish element in Byzantium’s Silk Industry: Catalyst for the Impact of Byzantine silks on the Latin Church before 1200 AD
  • The Byzantine silk industry: Lopez and beyond
  • Constantinople and its Hinterland: Issues of Raw Silk Supply
  • A Silk Reliquary Pouch from Coppergate
  • The Silk Fragment from Coppergate, York
  • Review: Silks at Lyon
  • Additional Notes
  • Index
  • Plates
  • Additional information




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