Studies in Byzantine & Medieval Western Art


24 x 17 cm
382 pp. 337 illus.
Publication: 1989
ISBN 0 907132 48 0
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 48 6

Book Description

This volume bring together John Beckwith’s papers on medieval and Byzantine art. They focus on those subjects which the author made his own, Coptic and Byzantine “textiles, Western European and Constantinopolitan ivory carving, and Byzantine metalwork. A final section includes a number of studies on cultural diffusion, from Islam and Byzantium to Western Europe, in the early Middle Ages.


  • Preface
  • Coptic Textiles
  • Byzantine Tissues
  • The Andrews Diptych
  • The Werden Casket Reconsidered
  • A Late Ottonian Ivory Carving
  • Caskets from Cordoba: A Rediscovered Italo-Byzantine Carving in Ivory
  • A Byzantine Ivory Statuette of the Hodegetria
  • Problemes posées par certaines sculptures sur ivoires du haut moyen age
  • Some Early Byzantine Rock Crystals
  • A Byzantine Crystal and a Little Gold
  • Another Late Sixth-century Byzantine Rock Crystal
  • A Byzantine Gold and Enamelled Pectoral Cross
  • An Early Christian Bronze Lamp
  • Byzantine Influences at the Court of Charlemagne
  • The Influence of Islamic Art on Western Medieval Art
  • Islamic Influences on Beatus Apocalypse Manuscripts
  • Index
  • Additional information




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