Ritual and Art: Byzantine Essays for Christopher Walter


24 x 17 cm
354 pp. 86 illus.
Publication: April 2006
ISBN 1 899828 62 1
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 62 3

Book Description

This Festschrift for Christopher Walter features a number of studies on the ritual and art of the Byzantine church. Contributors include Jeffrey Anderson, David Buckton, Suzy Dufrenne, Tania Velmans, and Panayotis Vokotopoulos on Byzantine art, Albert Failler and Joseph Munitiz on texts, and Robert Taft on the liturgy. There is a complete bibliography of Christopher Walter’s publications, and an introduction by Pamela Armstrong.


  • Foreword
  • Christopher Walter: The Scholar
  • Christopher Walter: Bibliography; Tabula Gratulatoria
  • The Byzantine Imperial Communion Ritual, Robert Taft; An Exhortation by Manuel Philes to Pay Attention, J. A. Muniti
  • The Creation of the Marginal Psalter, Jeffrey C. Anderson
  • Les divers emplois du mot harmoste dans l’œuvre de Georges Pachymérès, Albert Failler
  • Simples remarques sur deux manuscrits byzantins des IXe et Xe siècles, Suzy Dufrenne
  • Iconographic Observations of Figural Representation on Zeuxippus Ware, Pamela Armstrong; ‘Early Byzantine’ Enamel in France, David Buckton
  • The Miniatures of a Palaeologan New Testament at the Hagia Lavra Monastery near Kalavryta, Panayotis L. Vocotopoulos
  • People Get the Heroes and Martyrs they Deserve, Anthony Bryer; St. Catherine of Alexandria and Mount Sinai , Nancy Patterson Šev c enko
  • The Narthex as Desert: The Symbolism of the Entrance Space in Orthodox Church Buildings; Georgi Gerov
  • Autour d’une inscription métrique et de la représentation des apôtres Pierre et Paul dans une église en Élide, Victoria Kepetzi
  • Le rôle de l’hésychasme dans la peinture murale Byzantine du XIVe et XVe siècles, Tania Velmans
  • Emperors or Saints? A Note on the Iconography of a Late-Antique Weight, Christopher Entwistle
  • Enemy at the Gates: An Alliance Ridiculed. A Contribution to the History of Mentalité of the South Slavs in the Middle Ages, Dušan Kora c and Radivoj Radi c
  • Hymnography and Iconography: Images of Hymnographers in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-century Church Paintings in Bulgaria , Elka Balalova
  • List of Contributors
  • Index
  • Additional information




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