Proceedings of the First International Conference on the History of Ethiopan Art


Edited by Richard Pankhurst

24 x 17 cm
304 pp. 212 illus.
Publication: 1989
ISBN 0 907132 51 0
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 51 6

Book Description

This was the first International Conference specifically devoted to the study of Ethiopian art. The Proccedings of the Conference makes available papers devoted to the study of Ethiopian art, as distinct from papers on other aspects of Ethiopian life and civilization. As such, it represents a significant contribution to the study of the art of the Ethiopian people over two thousand years.

Convened by Dr. Richard Pankhurst at the Warburg Institute in October 1986, it was the first of a series, the second meeting of which was held in Warsaw in 1990.

The contents of this volume are principally devoted to studies of Ethiopian painting, both manuscript illuminations and murals. There are also individual studies on Ethiopian metalwork and architecture, with a section on folk art


  • Opening address by Professor Stanislaw Chojnacki
  • B. Playne: Reflections on the Decoration of Bieta Mariam, Lalibela
  • M. Heldman: An Ewostathian Style and the Gunda Gunde Style in Fifteenth-Century Ethiopian Manuscript Illumination
  • E. Balicka-Witakowska: The Iconography of the Deposition in Ethiopian Painting
  • P. Scholz: Bemerkungen zur Ikonologie der sog. “Vier apokalyptischen Wesen” an dem Steinaltar der Dreifaltigkeitskapelle zu Lalibela
  • P. Henze: Lake Zway – Southern Christian Outpost and Repository of Medieval Ethiopian Art
  • B. Juel-Jensen: An Aksumite Survival in Late Medieval Ethiopian Miniatures
  • S. Tedeschi: Le portrait inédit du negus Lebnä-Dengel ayant appartenu à l’historien Paolo Giovio
  • D. Spencer: The Discovery of Brancaleon’s Paintings
  • S. Uhlig: Funktion und Bedeutung der ornamente in äthiopischen Kodizes
  • C. Perczel: Ethiopian Illuminated ornament
  • V. Nersessian: The Ethiopian Manuscript Collection in the British Library
  • W. Raunig: Ethiopian Folk Art Painting
  • G. Kidane: Four Traditional Ethiopian Painters and their Life Histories
  • R. Pankhurst: The Battle of Adwa (1896) as Depicted by Traditional Ethiopian Artists
  • G. Fisseha: The Hunt in Ethiopian Folk Art
  • E. Moore: Ethiopian Crosses from the 12th to the 16th Century
  • E. Hecht: The Hand-Cross Collection of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies: A Project Report
  • D. Buxton: The Attempt to Reconstruct Axumite Buildings
  • L. Berry: Gondar-Style Architecture and its Royal Patrons
  • S. Wolde: The Preservation and Conservation of Art Works in Present-Day Ethiopia
  • Notes to the Papers
  • Illustrations
  • Additional information



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