Studies in Byzantium, Venice & The West Volume II


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Publication: 1998
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Professor Otto Demus’s work on Byzantine art represents one of the great original contributions to the subject made in this century. His early studies in the 1930s on the “mosaics of Greece were followed by his fundamental work on the mosaics of Norman Sicily after the Second World War, and the later great studies of the decoration of San Marco in Venice, which remained throughout his abiding concern.

These two volumes make available the papers Otto Demus published in a variety of periodicals in the course of a long and highly productive working lifetime. They have been edited and revised by Dr. Irmgard Hutter, a pupil and friend of the author. Volume I includes Demus’s papers on Byzantine art in general, including his outstanding “contribution to the study of the development of Palaeologan art. His interest in the working methods of the artists is also evident. The volume includes most of his papers on Byzantine mosaics, mural painting, icons, enamels and manuscript illumination.

Volume II deals with the author’s lifelong interest, the mosaics of the church of San Marco in Venice. The papers reproduced here cover the history and decoration of this great monument, including the sculpture. The influence of the San Marco mosaics and Byzantine art on the art of western Europe is also covered.

Volume II Contents

  • Preface by Irmgard Hutter
  • Venice, San Marco. General. Frühmittelalterliche Reminiszenzen in San Marco, Venedig
  • A Renascence of Early Christian Art in Thirteenth Century Venice
  • Mosaics and Paintings. Über einige venezianische Mosaiken des 13. Jahrhunderts
  • Das älteste venezianische Gesellschaftsbild
  • Der toskanische Inkrustationsstil und Venedig
  • Das Problem der ältesten Mosaiken von San Marco
  • Das Paradies von San Marco
  • Bisanzio e la pittura a mosaico del Ducento a Venezia
  • Probleme der Restaurierung der Mosaiken von San Marco im XV. und XVI. Jahrhundert
  • Byzantium and the Mosaics of San Marco
  • Byzantium and the Mosaics of San Marco: the Late Twelfth Century (two unpublished lectures at the Dumbarton Oaks Symposium of 1978)
  • Ein Wandgemälde in San Marco, Venedig
  • San Marco Revisited
  • Sculpture. Die Reliefikonen der Westfassade von San Marco
  • Zwei marmorne Altarikonen aus San Marco
  • Zwei Dogengräber in San Marco, Venedig
  • Eine Reliefplatte in San Marco
  • Bisanzio e la scultura del Ducento a Venezia
  • Der skulpturale Fassadenschmuck des 13. Jahrhunderts
  • Die Adventusengel von San Marco
  • Bemerkungen zu Meister Radovan in San Marco
  • Venice, Torcello, Parenzo, Florence. Studies among the Torcello Mosaics I-III
  • The Ciborium Mosaics of Parenzo
  • The Tribuna Mosaics of the Florence Baptistery
  • Zu den Mosaiken der Hauptapsis von Torcello
  • Byzantium, Venice and the West. Regensburg, Sizilien und Venedig
  • Salzburg, Venedig und Aquileja
  • Ein Madonnenrelief in Seckau
  • Der “sächsische” Zackenstil und Venedig
  • Elijah and Alexander
  • Zum Werk eines venezianischen Malers auf dem Sinai
  • Venedig und Kärnten
  • Index

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