Eastern Turkey: An Architectural & Archaeological Survey Volume II


24 x 17 cm
578 pp. 158 plates
64 maps and plans
Publication: 1989
ISBN 1 907132 33 2
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 33 2

Book Description

Vol. II

  • 3. Tao-Klardjeti: the Georgian Churches
  • 4. The Pontus
  • 5 Erzurum and the Saltukid Kingdom
  • 6. Sivas and Tokat
  • 7. The Anti-Taurus
  • 8. The Upper Euphrates.

This second volume continues with a description of the fine Georgian monuments of the Tao region, including Ihan, ├ľk Vank, and Haho. The Pontus region comes next, the centre of the medieval Greek empire of Trebizond. The many Byzantine churches of Trabzon itself are covered, including Aya Sofya and the nearby monasteries of Sumela and Vazelon. The many surviving churches and castles of this period and later in the Pontus are also dealt with. There follows a survey of the early Turkish architecture of Erzurum and the surrounding district. The subsequent section, on Sivas and Tokat, deals with a rich selection of Seljuk monuments; the site of ancient Comana is also covered. The region of the Anti-Taurus contains interesting Byzantine castles. There are also Early Christian remains and medieval castles The volume concludes with a study of the early Turkish monuments of the Upper Euphrates, in Divrigi and Erzincan, and the border castles of the 9th and 10th centuries.

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