Studies in Byzantine Manuscript Illimination and Icongraphy


24 x 17 cm
390 pp. 185 illus.
Publication: 1996
ISBN 0 907132 86 3
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 86 8

Book Description

The work of Ioannis Spatharakis on Byzantine manuscript painting has resulted in the standard corpus of dated illuminated Greek manuscripts, and an important survey of the history of the portrait in Byzantine manuscripts. His numerous papers published over the last twenty years have dealt with illuminated manuscripts from the era of Iconoclasm and the Macedonian Renaissance in the eighth and ninth centuries to the productions of the Palaeologan period in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. These are reproduced here, along with a number of papers on iconographical themes, and unpublished studies of wall paintings in Crete. One paper is translated from Greek, and a number of others are published here for the first time.


  • Preface
  • The Portraits and the Date of the Cod. Par. Gr. 510
  • A Note on the Imperial Portraits and the Date of Par. Gr. 510
  • Three Portraits of the Early Comnenian Period
  • Portrait Falsifications in Byzantine Illuminated MSS.
  • An Unusual Iconographic Type of the Seated Evangelist
  • Two Greek Evangelist Portraits from the Ninth Century in Sofia and their Importance in Byzantine and Carolingian Art
  • The Date of the Illustrations of the Psalter Dionysiu 65
  • An Illuminated Manuscript of 1175 from Crete
  • An Illuminated MS. from the Nicean Era
  • An Illuminated Greek Grammar MS. in Jerusalem
  • Some Observations on the Ptolemy MS. Vat. Gr. 1291
  • Observations on a Few Illuminations in Pseudo-Oppian’s Cynegetica MS. at Venice
  • The Working Methods of the Artist of Pseudo-Oppian’s Cynegetica
  • The Proskynesis in Byzantine Art. A Study in Connection with a Nomisma of Andronicus II Palaeologus
  • The Influence of the Lithos on the Development of the Iconography of the Threnos
  • An Exceptional Representation of the Supper at Emmaus
  • Representations of the Great Entrance in Crete
  • Additional Notes
  • Index
  • Additional information




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