Studies in Byzantine & Serbian Medieval Art


24 x 17 cm
410 pp. 214 illus.
Publication: 2001
ISBN 1 899828 34 6
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 34 10

Book Description

In her study of the relationship between art and its theological, liturgical and literary background in Byzantium, Dr. Gavrilovic has devoted a great deal of attention to the medieval state of Serbia, where, in the process of a strong cultural influence, Byzantine art had taken deep root and was practised with much vigour and individuality. Serbia’s position on the north-western flank of the Empire, in the proximity of the city of Salonika, assured an uninterrupted contact with Byzantine masters in the artistic field. This was enhanced by the great building schemes and patronage of Serbian rulers and their allegiance to Orthodoxy, as well as by the particularly strong ties between the Serbian Church and Mount Athos. The good state of preservation of some of the vast church decoration programmes in Serbia contribute to a better understanding of art in Byzantium where the destruction through the centuries was more severe.


  • Preface
  • La Resurrection d’Adam (Athen Gr. 211): Une reinterpretation
  • The humiliation of Leo VI the Wise
  • Divine Wisdom as part of Byzantine imperial ideology. Research into the artistic interpretations of the theme in medieval Serbia
  • The Forty in art
  • The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste in the painted programme of Zica vestibule. Further research into the artistic interpretations of the Divine
  • Wisdom-Baptism-Kingship ideology
  • The cosmic symbolism of the Cross and the Emperor in Ptochoprodromos’ Poem IV
  • Frescoes in the Vestibules of the Church of the Virgin at Studenica
  • Between Latins and Greeks: Some artistic trends in medieval Serbia
  • Kingship and Baptism in the iconography of Deani and Lesnovo
  • The Portrait of King Marko at Markov Manastir, 1376-1381
  • Archbishop Danilo II and the themes of Kingship and Baptism in 14th century Serbian Painting
  • Discs held by Angels in the Anastasis at Deani
  • The cult of the Forty Martyrs in Macedonia and Serbia
  • Observations on the Iconography of St. Kyriaki, principally in Cyprus
  • The Gospels of Jakov of Serres (Lond. Add. Ms. 39626), the Family Brankovi and the Monastery of Saint Paul, Mount Athos
  • Eve or the Waters of Marah?
  • Wisdom and philanthropy of the ruler in the person of Stefan Nemanja
  • Additional Notes
  • Index
  • Additional information




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