Roman Museums


Selected Papers on Roman Art and Architecture

24 x 17 cm
368 pp. 87 illus
Publication: 1994
ISBN 0 907132 75 8
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 75 2

Book Description

This selection of nineteen papers by the late Professor Donald Strong is grouped thematically into four sections: general papers, architectural studies, sculpture, and acquisitons made by the Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities at the British Museum. The selection has been made by Dr. Susan Walker, who has also contributed a preface, an updated bibliography, and editorial notes where necessary. The initial study on the Romans and archaeology, a hilariously personal view of the subject, was Donald Strong’s inaugural lecture as Professor of the Archaeology of the Roman Provinces at London University. His early death in 1973 was a great loss to the world of classical art and archaeology, and the publication under one cover of his papers on Roman art charts the development of a talent that made significant contributions to the subject in a comparatively short career.


  • Preface by S. Walker
  • The Romans and Archaeology
  • Roman Museums
  • Late Hadrianic Architectural Ornaments in Rome
  • The Round Temple in the Forum Boarium
  • Some Early Examples of the Composite Capital
  • The Temple of Castor in the Forum Romanum
  • Some Observations on Early Roman Corinthian
  • The Administration of Public Building in Rome during the late Republic and early Empire
  • Some Unknown Classical Sculpture (Hever Castle)
  • The Head of an Old Woman
  • Septimius Severus at Lepcis Magna and Cyrene
  • Roman Sarcophagi in Anatolia
  • An Etruscan Ivory Band
  • A Group of Roman Stucco Reliefs
  • A Fragment of a Marble Relief
  • Two Italian Seventeenth-Century Drawings of Antique Sculpture
  • Three Roman Silver Cups
  • A Greek Silver Head-Vase
  • A Lady Centaur
  • Additional Notes
  • Index
  • Additional information




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