Art and Archaeology of Antiquity Volume III


24 x 17 cm 534 pp. 242 illus.
Publication: 2003
ISBN 1 899828 60 5
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 60 9

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  • Preface
  • Dated Monuments of Hellenistic and Graeco-Roman Popular Art in Asia Minor: Ionia, Lydia and Phrygia
  • Recent Acquisitions. Aphrodite or a Nymph
  • Ten Greek and Roman Portraits in Kansas City
  • Cypriote Sculpture, the Late Archaic and Early Classical Periods: Towards a More Precise Understanding
  • Greek, Roman and Etruscan Sculptures: The Benjamin and Lucy Rowland Collection
  • The Ram Cults of Cyprus: Pastoral to Paphian at Morphou
  • Medallions best reflect Renaissance creativity
  • Neoclassic Sculpture in America: Greco-Roman sources and their results
  • Numismatic Art in America
  • Numismatic Art in America to 1796
  • Numismatics in Antiquity
  • The Weary Herakles of Lysippos
  • The Westmacott Jupiter
  • Commodus, Caracalla and the Tetrarchs: Roman Emperors as Hercules
  • Dated Monumens of Hellenistic and Greco-Roman Art in Asia Minor: Caria, Pamphylia, Pisidia and Lycaonia
  • Greek and Roman Sculpture from the Northern Coasts of the Black Sea
  • The Ancient Marbles at Petworth
  • The Heroic Graeco-Roman Zeus from the Villa d’Este amd Marbury Hall
  • Vita: Berenike II. Liberated Queen
  • An Imperial Commemorative Monument Never Finished: A Possible Memorial of Trajan’s Eastern “Conquests” at Salamis on Cyprus
  • Athenian Eternity. Attic Funerary Stele, about 340 BC
  • Ideal “Portraiture” at the Outset of the Hellenistic Age
  • Interactions and Reflections of Painting, Mosaic and Sculpture.
  • Complex Mythological Scenes in Greek and Roman Imperial Numismatic Art
  • Roman Pictorial Mirrors
  • The Imperial Shield as a Mirror of Roman Art on Medallions and Coins
  • The Late Antonine and Severan Bronze Portraits from Southwest Asia Minor
  • A Silver Cup of the Augustans or Julio-Claudian Period
  • Bench and Table Supports: Roman Egypt and Beyond
  • Greek and Roman Sculpture in the Holy Land
  • The Ara Pacis and the Child Nero: Julio-Claudian Commemorative Reliefs in Italy and Elsewhere
  • The Basis from Puteoli: Cities of Asia Minor in Julio-Claudian Italy
  • Transmissions of Roman Historical Relief throughout the Empire, with Special Reference to Southern Italy and Sicily
  • Alexander the Great, the Emperor Severus Alexander and the Aboukir Medallions
  • The Mosaic from Montebello near Rome: An Early Manifestation of the Seasons in Roman Imperial Art
  • Crime and Punishment in Antiquity
  • From Halicarnassus to Alexandria in the Hellenistic Age: the Ares of Halicarnassus by Leochares
  • The Horse and Groom Relief in Athens
  • Souvenirs of Alexander the Great’s March through Persia to India
  • Victory in Death: Roman Triumphal Art and Private Life
  • Index

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