Second Chance: Greek Sculptural Studies Revisited


24 x 17 cm
564 pp. 283 illus.
Publication: 2004
ISBN 1 899828 89 3
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 89 10

Book Description

Trained in Italy, Greece, and the United States, the author has taught for over 35 years at Bryn Mawr College, and at other universities in the U.S. and abroad, receiving the Gold Medal of the Archaeological Institute of America for Distinguished Achievement. A pupil of Rhys Carpenter, she has devoted all her writing to Greek sculpture.

The articles in this volume were selected from over 95 studies she has published. In addition, her books have surveyed the entire span of Greek sculpture from the Archaic to the Late Hellenistic period. The articles are here presented in the chronological order in which they first appeared, to document Profesor Ridgway’s evolving views on the history of Greek sculpture. Preference has been given to those that were published in foreign journals and honorary volumes; two have been translated from the original Italian and one from French. Notes at the end of the book update all the studies.


  • The West Frieze of the Siphnian Treasury
  • The East Pediment of the Siphnian Treasury
  • Two Peplophoroi in the United States
  • The Man-and-Dog Stelai
  • A Story of Five Amazons
  • The Amazon’s Belt: an Addendum to a Story of Five Amazons
  • The Plataian Tripod and the Serpentine Column
  • The Peplos Kore, Akropolis 679
  • Of Kouroi and Korai, Attic Variety
  • Court Art and Hellenistic Art: The Role of Alexander the Great
  • The Gauls in Sculpture
  • The Fashion of the Elgin Kore
  • The Riace Bronzes: A Minority Viewpoint
  • Late Archaic Sculpture
  • The “Nike of Archermos” and her Attire
  • The Bronzes from the Porticello Wreck
  • Musings on the Muses
  • Defining the Issue: The Greek Period
  • Leto and the Children
  • Birds, “Meniskoi” and Head Attributes in Archaic Greece
  • Metal Attachments in Greek Marble Sculpture
  • Parthenon and Parthenos
  • Archaic Architectural Sculpture and Travel Myths
  • Greek Sculpture as Archaeological Evidence
  • Aristonautes’ Stele, Athens Nat. Mus. 738
  • The Porticello Bronzes Revisited
  • “Paene ad exemplum”: Polykleitos’ Other Works
  • The Severe Style: Updating the Issue
  • The Farnese Bull (Punishment of Dirke) from the Baths of Caracalla: how many prototypes?
  • A Goddess in Philadelphia
  • An Issue of Methodology: Anakreon, Perikles, Xanthippos
  • The Puschkin Stele from Taman
  • Some Personal Thoughts on the Knidia
  • The Laokoon in Hellenistic Sculpture
  • Additional Notes
  • Index
  • Additional information




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