Art and Archaeology of Antiquity Volume I


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Publication: 2001
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Book Description

Over the last fifty years Professor Cornelius Vermeule, formerly curator of Classical Art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, has consolidated his reputation as one of the foremost American authorities on Graeco-Roman art. His published work has covered the entire period from Mycenean to Byzantine art, and his papers have included studies of metalwork, sculpture, numismatics and the history of collecting. His studies have been particularly concerned however with Greek and Roman sculpture, especially that of the Roman Empire.

These four volumes are designed to make available the most important of Professor Vermeule’s contributions to periodicals. Volume I covers studies published between 1953 and 1964, and volume II continues the selection up to 1973. Volume III contains studies published between 1974 and 1984, and volume IV brings the selection up to 1995. Each volume has a new preface by Professor Vermeule and a comprehensive index.

Vol. I


  • Preface
  • Sir John Soane, His Classical Antiquities
  • A Fighting Warrior of the Greek Fifth Century
  • Chariot Groups in Fifth Century Greek Sculpture
  • Roman Cult Images on Coins of the Emperor Hadrian
  • Classical Collections in British Country Houses
  • Roman Numismatic Art, A.D. 200-400
  • Eastern Influences in Roman Numismatic Art A.D. 200-400
  • A Roman Lady of the First Century A.D. as Cybele
  • Herakles Crowning Himself
  • Aspects of Victoria on Roman Coins and Gems
  • Aspects of Scientific Archaeology in the Seventeenth Century
  • Socrates and Aspasia: New Portraits of Late Antiquity
  • Greek Numismatic Art 400 B.C.-A.D. 300
  • An Equestrian Statue of Zeus
  • The Portland Vase Before 1650
  • Achilles and Penthesilea
  • A Portrait of the Emperor Hadrian
  • Greek Art in Transition to Late Antiquity
  • Two Masterpieces of Athenian Sculpture
  • A Roman Silver Helmet in the Toledo Museum of Art
  • Un aureo augusteo del magistrato monetario Cossusn Lentulus
  • A Hellenistic Dancing Maenad from the Greek Islands or Asia Minor
  • Antinous, Favorite of the Emperor Hadrian
  • A Black-Figure Hydria by Psiax
  • A Graeco-Roman Portrait of the Third Century A.D. and the Graeco-Asiatic Tradition in Imperial Portraiture from Gallienus to Diocletian
  • Etruscan Leopards and Lions
  • A Greek Goddess of the Fourth Century B.C.
  • Egyptian Contributions to Late Imperial Portraiture
  • Roman Sarcophagi in America: A Short Inventory
  • Maximianus Herculeus and the Cubist Style in the Late Roman Empire, 295 to 310
  • A Ptolemaic Contribution Box in Boston
  • The Colossus of Porto Raphti in Attica
  • A Tondo Bust of Apollo
  • Augustan and Julio-Claudian Court Silver
  • A Collection of Greek and Roman Gems
  • Index

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