Art and Archaeology of Antiquity Volume IV


24 x 17 cm 548 pp. 219 illus.
Publication: 2003
ISBN 1 899828 61 3
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 61 6

Book Description

Vol. IV


  • Preface
  • Perceptions of the Trojan Wars in the Fenway: the Creeping Odysseus
  • From the Pelopennesus to Pergamon and Beyond: The Weary Herakles of Lysippos
  • Nero, Otho and the Golden House
  • Roman Ostia. Sarcophagus
  • Figural Pillars: From Asia Minor to Corinth to Rome
  • Graeco-Roman Asia Minor to Renaissance Italy
  • Greek Sculpture in Miniature from Roman Patrons
  • Medallic and Marble Memorials: Mint to Mausoleum in Victorian America
  • The End of Ancient Art in Egypt: Connections with the Holy Land
  • The God Apollo, A Ceremonial Table with Griffins, and a Votive Basin
  • Archaic Art, General Outline and Considerations, Historical , Geographic, and Aesthetic
  • The Theodore Roosevelt Era: The Gold Coins and Major Sculptures of Augustus Saint-Gaudens
  • Athena of the Parthenon by Pheidias: A Graeco-Roman Replica of the Roman Imperial Period
  • Small Statues in the Greek World
  • The Crusader (Lusignan) Kingdom of Cyprus: Echoes in the Fenway
  • Roman Portraits in Egyptian Colored Stones
  • Hermes, Protector of Shepherds at Salamis and Kourion
  • From Tarentum to Troy and on to Tunisia: Homeric Survivals in the Hellenistic and Roman Worlds
  • Protesilaos: First to Fall at Troy and Hero in Northern Greece and Beyond
  • The Rise of the Severan
  • Dynasty in the East: Young Caracalla, about the Year 205, as Helios-Sol
  • Matidia the Elder, a Pivotal Woman at the Height of Roman Imperial Power
  • Greek Sculpture, Roman Sculpture and American Taste: The Mirror of Mount Auburn
  • Neon Ilion and Ilium Novum: Kings, Soldiers, Citizens and Tourists at Classical Troy
  • Greek and Roman Portraits and Near-Portraits in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • The Heavenly Twins: Castor and Pollux, Marching toward the Middle Ages
  • A Portrait of Germanicus Caesar
  • Index

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