Studies in the History of Bookbinding


23 x 16 cm
439 pp. Index
Publication: 1985
ISBN 0 907132 31 6
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 31 8

Book Description

The work of G. D. Hobson on the history of bookbinding, in particular English medieval and Renaissance bindings, is well known. His studies on Romanesque English bookbinding marked a pioneer effort to trace the development of the art of binding in early medieval England, and remain the fundamental introduction to the subject. Similarly, his celebrated study of blind-stamped panels in the English Renaissance book-trade has become a classic. The author’s interests also extended to French bindings, and his work on Parisian bookbinding in the first quarter of the sixteenth century is of great importance; it is reprinted here with a number of his other studies on Grolier bindings.

The collection of these articles in one volume, with an introduction by A.R.A. Hobson, represents not only a valuable introduction to the work of one of the major authorities on English bookbinding, but also a compendium of some of the most outstanding contributions to the subject.


  • Preface
  • Some early binders and binders’ tools
  • A newly discovered Romanesque binding
  • Trois relieures romanes
  • Further notes on Romanesque bindings
  • Further notes on the binding of the Hayes manuscript
  • Parisian binding, 1500-1525
  • Une relieure aux armes d’Henri III a la Bibliothèque Nationale
  • Zwei Einbande in der Preussischen Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
  • Ein Einband in der Universitätsbibliothek zu Cambridge
  • Weiland Dr. Theodor Gottlieb und seine “Grolierstudien”
  • An Italian binding of Paolo Guardano
  • Blind-stamped panels in the English book-trade
  • Bindings of Thomas Wotton
  • An early seventeenth-century Scottish binding
  • A seventeenth-century monogram on the bindings of James II
  • Et amicorum
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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