Studies in English Printing and Libraries


23 x 16 cm
402 pp. Index
Publication: 1991
ISBN 0 907132 57 X
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 57 8

Book Description

This volume brings together John Oates’ studies on English printing, and the collection at Cambridge University Library, to which he devoted his career. It contains fifteen studies on English printing between the filteenth and the eighteenth centuries, and eleven studies on the collection of Cambridge University Library. Three further studies reflect his interest in Sterne, which began as a hobby, and on whom he formed a collection of international repute.

The publication of these papers in collected form provides a fitting memorial to a lifetime’s work on English printing, and a career as one of the great scholar-librarians of modem times in England. There is a preface by Dennis Rhodes, who has also contributed a bibliography of John Oates’ publications.


  • Preface
  • The Trewe Encountre: A Pamphlet on Flodden Field
  • Booksellers’ Guarantees
  • Seventeenth-century Briefs at Cambridge
  • Thomas Gabitus
  • An Early Ownership Rhyme
  • A Bookseller’s Stamp
  • Richard Pynson and the Holy Blood of Hayles
  • English Bokes concernyng to James Morice
  • A Bookseller’s Donation-label
  • Fore-edge Titles in Cambridge University Library
  • Non Est Mortale Quod Opto
  • The Little Gest of Robin Hood
  • The Manuscripts of Thomas Erpenius, John Fletcher, Pieter Nuyts and his ‘Album amicorum’
  • Cancel Slips
  • A Cambridge Iuvencus
  • Books at Cambridge before the Seventeenth Century
  • Three Sixteenth-Century Catalogues of the University Library: Cambridge Books of Congratulatory Verses, 1603-1640, and their Binders
  • The Deposit of Books at Cambridge under the Licensing Acts 1662-79, 1685-1695
  • The Cambridge University Library, 1400-1600; Libraries of Cambridge, 1570-1700
  • The University Library Catalogue of 1556: an Addendum
  • Cambridge University and the Reform of the Copyright Act, 1805-1813
  • Cambridge and the Copyright Act of Queen Anne (1710-1814)
  • Cambridge University Library. A Historical Sketch
  • A History of the Collection of Incunabula in Cambridge University Library
  • On Collecting Sterne
  • Notes on the Bibliography of Sterne
  • Shandyism and Sentiment, 1760-1800
  • An Old Boot from Cambridge
  • Hot Air from Cambridge
  • Young Mr. Bradshaw
  • A Bibliography of the Publications of J. C. T. Oates by Dennis E. Rhodes.

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