Studies in European Printing and Book-collecting


23 x 16 cm
302 pp. Index
Publication: 1983
ISBN 0 907132 14 6
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 14 1

Book Description

This second volume of Dr. Rhodes’ Studies covers the wider field of early printing in Western Europe outside of Italy. The spread of printing in England receives considerable attention, especially in the case of the London and Oxford presses. There are separate sections on printing in France, Germany, Spain and the Low Countries over this period.

Of particular importance is the final series of articles on early collectors of printed books in Western Europe, which deals equally with the collectors and their libraries, including, in this case, the Italian collections.


  • Preface
  • A volcano for the S.T.C.
  • Volcanoes, variants and the S.T.C.
  • A new line for the angler, 1577
  • Variants in the 1479 Oxford edition of Aristotle’s Ethics
  • The Remorse of Conscience
  • Some documents printed by Pynson for St. Botolphs, Boston, Lines.
  • Two issues of an indulgence of Alexander VI
  • Further notes on an indulgence of Alexander VI
  • William Marshall and his books, 1533-1537
  • The early London editions of the Doctrinale of Alexander Grammaticus, with a note on Duff 224
  • Variants in a Lettou incunable
  • The Italian banquet, 1598, and its origin
  • William Menyman and William Faques
  • Four important end-papers in Hereford Cathedral library
  • The 1472 Paris edition of Plato’s Letters
  • Two Estienne dictionaries
  • Francois Fradin of Lyons and a post-incunable
  • William Hay in Paris
  • A problem in the liturgical bibliography of Normandy
  • A Lyonnese piracy of 1497
  • The dating of a Lyonnese edition of Boethius
  • An undescribed edition of the ‘Digestum novum’
  • The printer of Ockam
  • The true date of a Paris edition of Aldus Manutius
  • A Paris incunable lost and found
  • The case of Jean Merausse
  • An unrecorded Dutch indulgence of 1487
  • The first edition of Carlos Coloma’s History of the Spanish Netherlands
  • The first edition of Gildas
  • Two notable acquisitions of Spanish incunabula
  • The continuity of typographical material in a group of early Salamanca books
  • The first use of Greek type in Spain
  • Un ‘nuovo’ incunabolo spagnolo a Venezia
  • More light on sixteenth-century printing at Salamanca
  • A note on some fragments of Vegetius from Augsburg
  • Monumenta Ordinis Fratrum Minorum
  • Two early German editions of Proclus
  • An unidentified ‘incunable’ printed at Augsburg not before 1502
  • Two editions of Pelbartus de Temesvar
  • Two fifteenth-century editions of Johannes Versor
  • Sir Kenelm Digby and Siena
  • Don Fernando Colon and his London book purchases
  • Konrad Stepeck of Nuremberg
  • John Argentine, Provost of King’s
  • Per la biblioteca di Belisario Bulgarini
  • An unknown library in Southern Italy in 1557
  • Battista Guarini and a book at Oxford
  • The mystery of P.G.N.
  • More light on the Nicolini library
  • Three more books from the Nicolini library
  • Lilies and a library
  • Jacobus Matzenberger and his books
  • A Dutch seventeenth-century book-collector: Paulus Terhaarius
  • Roberto Maggio bibliofilo
  • William Swadell, English Dominican: his friends and his books
  • Un bibliofilo volterrano in Inghilterra alla fine del Quattrocento: Roberto Minucci
  • Ancora per Roberto Minucci
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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