Studies in Byzantine Painting


24 x 17 cm
534 pp. 356 illus.
Publication: 1995
ISBN 0 907132 78 2
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 78 3

Book Description

Viktor Nikitich Lazarev was one of the founders of the Russian school of art history, and a major figure in the study of Byzantine and early Russian art. Immensely productive, he combined teaching, museum work and scholarship throughout a long and eventful life.

His studies on Byzantine painting, and its links with the art of his native Russia, were of great importance in helping to clarify the stylistic development of Byzantine painting, and in drawing attention to the Byzantine roots of medieval Italian painting. This volume contains all of Professor Lazarev’s papers on Byzantine painting, published between 1925 and 1964. Six of the papers were originally published in Russian, and are translated into English here for the first time. There is a comprehensive index to the volume.


  • Preface
  • Ein byzantinisches Tafelwerk aus des Komnenenepoche
  • Einige kritische Bemerkungen zum Chludovpsalter
  • Über eine neue Gruppe byzantinischvenezianischer Trecento-bilder
  • Duccio and Thirteenth-Century Greek Icons
  • Early Italo-Byzantine Painting in Sicily
  • The Mosaics of Cefalù
  • A Great Rediscovery of XIth Century Byzantine Art
  • Byzantine Icons of the XIVth and XVth Century
  • Studies in the Iconography of the Virgin
  • An Illuminated Constantinopolitan Psalter of the XIth Century
  • Newly Discovered Examples of Byzantine Art from the Fourteenth Century: the Vysotsky Icons
  • Newly Discovered Thirteenth-Century Miniatures from Constantinople
  • Gli affreschi di Castelseprio. Critica alla teoria di Weitzmann sulla ‘rinascenza Macedona’
  • Constantinople and the National Schools in the Light of recent Discoveries
  • Painting in Macedonia in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
  • Two Newly Discovered Works of Art from the Palaeologan Period
  • Deux fragments d’épistyle peintes et le templon byzantin
  • Les procédés de la stylisation linéaire dans la peinture byzantine des X-XII siècles et leurs sources
  • Index
  • Additional information




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