Selected Studies Vol I


The Decorative Arts of Europe & The Islamic East

24 x 17 cm
356 pp. 191 illus.
Publication: 1977
ISBN 0 906175 00 3
ISBN-13 978 0 906175 00 2

Book Description

This selection of twenty-one essays by Professor Kurz is a unique introduction to the art and culture of Europe and the Near East from the Renaissance onwards. His examination of the flow of artistic ideas and artefacts from Europe to the Islamic world is an important contribution to the study of the spread of Western European influence in this period; at the same time the reader is made aware of the extent of European borrowings from Islamic civilization, and the importance of a shared classical heritage. Characterized by an extensive acquaintance with both European and Islamic works of art, Professor Kurz’s research in this field remains of fundamental importance.

This volume also includes a number of important articles on several major figures in Renaissance and Baroque art, and a study of the patronage of the Emperor Rudolf II, previously available only in a Czech translation. The preface by Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich is both an introduction and a memoir. A bibliography of Otto Kurz’s publications and an index are included. The volume is illustrated with 191 plates.


  • Preface
  • A Fishing Party at the Court of William VI, Count of Holland, Zeeland and Hainault: Metz Unmuss
  • Four Tapestries after Hieronymus Bosch
  • Sannazaro and Mantegna
  • A Group of Florentine Drawings for an Altar
  • Huius nympha loci. A pseudo-classical Inscription and a Drawing by Dürer
  • Dürer, Leonardo and the Invention of the Ellipsograph
  • An Early Copy of the Battle of Anghiari
  • Forgeries of Marginal Drawings in the Style of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Engravings on Silver by Annibale Carracci
  • Gli Amori de’ Carracci. Four Forgotten Paintings by Agostino Carracci
  • Van Dyck and Reni
  • A Gold Helmet made in Venice for Sultan Sulayman the Magnificent
  • Künstlerische Beziehungen zwischen Prag und Persien zur Zeit Kaiser Rudolfs II. und Beiträge zur Geschichte seiner Sammlungen
  • The Turkish Dresses in the Costume-Book of Rubens (with Hilde Schueller Kurz)
  • Pictorial Records of Favart’s Comedy “Les trois Sultanes”
  • The Strange History of an Alhambra Vase
  • Lion Masks with Rings in the West and in the East
  • Folding Chairs and Koran Stands
  • A Volume of Mughal Drawings and Miniatures
  • Libri cum characteribus ex nulla materia compositis
  • Bibliography of Otto Kurz
  • Index

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