Selected Studies Vol II


24 x 17 cm
272 pp. 63 illus.
Publication: 1982
ISBN 0 907132 07 3
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 07 3

Book Description

This second volume of Professor Kurz’s studies completes the comprehensive selection in Vol. I with a further thirty articles, published over forty years, and showing the extraordinary breadth of the author’s interests. It begins with eight studies on Classical, Byzantine and Islamie art, continues to the Renaissanee and Baroque in Italy and Northern Europe, and ends with an entertaining section on the restoration, misattribution and faking of works of art.
In these two volumes all of Professor Kurz’s major studies are now available. Whether they throw fresh light on an old problem, or bring to attention an unnoticed work, they remain stimulating, and always highly intertaining. A sixteen-page memoir of Otto Kurz by Professor Sir Ernst Gombrich is included here as a preface to this second volume.


  • Preface
  • Un portrait de Sauromate II, roi du Bosphore
  • An Alleged Portrait of Heraclius
  • A Coptic Miniature at Leiden
  • The Date of the Alexandrian World Chronicle
  • Ein Insulares Musterbuch und die byzantinische Psalterillustration: Three Armenian Miniatures in theFitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
  • The Date of the Taq i Kisra
  • Mamluk Heraldry and interpretatio christiana. Filippino Lippi’s Worship of the Apis
  • A Model for Bandinelli’s Statue of Cosimo I
  • Zu Vasaris Vita des Fra Filippo Lippi
  • A Copy after the Master E. S. on a Jewish Book-Binding
  • A Sculptor of the Danube School
  • Holbein and Others in a Seventeenth-century Collection
  • An Architectural Design for Henry VIII
  • Shakespeare and the Shaven Hercules
  • Drei Zeichnungen Pieter Brueghels des Älteren
  • A Sculpture by Guido Reni
  • An Unnoticed Work by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini
  • Un dessin de Paolo Pagani au cabinet des dessins des musées de Poitiers
  • Hagenauer. Posch and Mozart
  • Varnishes, Tinted Varnishes and Patina
  • Time the Painter
  • Early Art Forgeries from the Renaissance to the 18th Century
  • The ‘Bonus Eventus’ Relief in the British Museum
  • The Pebble from Apsheronsk and its Alleged Greco-Alanic Inscription
  • An Engraved Gem signed by Thamyras
  • A Mexican Amulet against Kidney Stones
  • Forgeries of Jewish Ritual Lavers
  • Deus Alea Ludens
  • Index

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