Studies in Imagery – Vol I


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24 x 17 cm
520 pp. 378 illus
Publication: 2004
ISBN 1 899828 51 1
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 51 7

Book Description

Dr Jean Michel Massing is a Reader in the History of Art and a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge. The first volume of Studies in Imagery, Text and Images, consists of 25 “studies grouped under four sections: Classical Art and its Nachleben; Symbolic Languages; Saints and Devils; Comets, Dreams and Stars. The topics include the Celto-Roman “goddess Epona, the Calumny of Apelles and its reconstructions, the Triumph of Caesar, proverb illustration, the art of memory, emblematic and didactic imagery, the temptations of St Anthony, as well as dreams and celestial phenomena. They span a wide range of periods, from classical antiquity to the nineteenth century.

Vol. 2, The World Discovered, deals variously with the relationship of European with non-European cultures, cartography in medieval and early modern times, the representation of foreign lands and people, and the collecting of exotic artefacts. A central theme involves the imagery of black Africans from the Middle Ages up to the nineteenth century.

Volume I: Text & Images Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Classical Art and its Nachleben: Le culte d’Epona dans les vallées de la Sarre et de la Blies
  • Le devant de sarcophage romain de l’ancienne collection Huber: une copie d’après P.S. Bartoli
  • Nicola da Urbino and Signorelli’s lost Calumny of Apelles
  • A few more Calumnies. Lucian and the Visual Arts
  • The Illustrations of Lucian’s Imago vitae aulicae
  • Jacobus Argentoratensis. Etude préliminaire
  • The Triumph of Caesar by Jacobus Argentoratensis. Its Iconography and Influence
  • . . . huit pièces du triomphe de César for the Emperor Maximilian
  • Veleda, Susanna, Boadicea or Dorothy: Antiquarian Discussions on some Sixteenth-century Bricks
  • Symbolic Languages: Proverbial Wisdom and Social Criticism: two new pages from the Walters Art Gallery’s Proverbes en Rimes
  • Proverbes en Rimes et Dictz moraulx pour faire tapisserie. New material on old topics
  • Casting flowers to swine: From the proverbial to the emblematic pig
  • A New Work by François Du Moulin and the Problem of Pre-Emblematic Traditions
  • The Broad and Narrow Way. From German Pietists to English Open-Air Preachers
  • Laurent Fries et son Ars memorativa. La cathédrale de Strasbourg comme espace mnémonique
  • From Manuscript to Engravings. Late Medieval Mnemonic Bibles
  • Autour de quelques essais musicaux inédits de Dürer (with Christian Meyer)
  • Saints and Devils: Gert van Lon’s Madonna in the Rosary
  • L’iconographie de l’agression de saint Antoine de Grünewald
  • The Iconography of Schongauer’s Tribulations of St Anthony and the influence of this Print on German Art
  • ‘Sicut erat in diebus Antonii’. The devils under the bridge in the Tribulations of St Anthony by Hieronymus Bosch in Lisbon
  • Schongauer, Bosch, Grünewald et les autres. De quelques Tribulations de saint Antoine et de leurs influences
  • Three Panels by the Master of the View of Sainte-Gudule in the Chapel of Queens’ College, Cambridge
  • Comets, Dreams and Stars: Der Stern des Giotto. Naturschilderung und Symbolismus in der Kometenikonographie des XIII und XIV Jahrhunderts
  • Dürer’s Dreams
  • A Sixteenth-century Illustrated Treatise on Comets
  • Index

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