Studies in the Alexander Romance


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428 pp. 51 illus.
Publication: 1985
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The Alexander Romance, a fabulous pseudo-history of the life of Alexander the Great compiled in late Antiquity, was one of the most popular secular texts in Europe during the Middle Ages. Its subsequent influence on the development of French and German literature has been significant.

Professor Ross was a leading authority on the history and transmission of the Latin and French versions of the Romance, and his work has done much to clarify the spread of the Alexander legend in medieval European literature. This volume brings together all of David Ross’s papers on the Alexander Romance, dealing separately with the Latin versions and their French and German reworkings. These include the first publication of a number of original texts in Latin and in German. There is also a valuable section on the development of the accompanying picture-cycle to the Romance, which derives from late-antique sources.


  • Preface
  • A new Manuscript of Archpriest Leo of Naples, Nativitas et victoria Alexandri Magni
  • Letters of Alexander: A new partial Manuscript of the unabbreviated Julius Valerius
  • A Check-list of three Alexander Texts: the Julius Valerius Epitome, the Epistola ad Aristotelem and the Collatio cum Dindimo
  • Some unrecorded Manuscripts of the Historia de Preliis
  • A new Manuscript of the Latin Fuerre de Gadres and the text of Roman d’Alexandre Branch II
  • The 13 Historia de Preliis and the Fuerre de Gadres
  • Alexander in the Liber Floridus of Lambert of St. Omer
  • Parva Recapitulatio. An English Collection of Texts relating to Alexander the Great
  • Some Notes on the Old French Alexander Romance in Prose (with a Postscript)
  • A Fifteenth-century Revision of the Old French Prose Alexander
  • The Printed Editions of the French Prose Alexander Romance
  • The History of Macedon in the Histoire ancienne jusqu à César
  • Alexander and the Wonderstone in Le Chevalier Errant
  • Blood in the Sea: An Episode in Jourdain de Blaivies
  • An Exemplum of Alexander the Great
  • Les Trois Grands: A Humanist Historical Tract of the Fifteenth Century
  • Two new Manuscripts of the Alexander of Ulrich von Etzenbach
  • Alexander and Antelöis the Dwarf King: a longer Version and a Hebrew Analogue
  • Nectanebus in his Palace: A Problem of Alexander Iconography
  • Olympias and the Serpent: The Interpretation of a Baalbek Mosaic and the Date of the Illustrated Pseudo-Callisthenes
  • The Iconography of the Alexander in Renard le Contrefait
  • Alexander Iconography in Spain: El Libro de Alexandre,.
  • Alexander and the Faithless Lady: A Submarine Adventure
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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