Studies in Manuscript Illumination 1200–1400


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620 pp. 218 illus.
Publication: April 2007
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Book Description

The author is Helen Gould Sheppard Professor of Art History at New York University , Institute of Fine Arts , and a leading authority on English medieval manuscript illumination.

This volume bring together twenty-six of Professor Sandler’s studies, focusing on illustrated manuscripts produced in England in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, particularly on the illuminated psalters. The marginal illustrations in these psalters are a topic of particular interest, and there are a number of iconographic studies derived from this material. A separate section deals with the illustrated encyclopedias of the period, particularly the Omne bonum.


  • Introduction
  • Manuscripts, Artists and Themes
  • The Historical Miniatures of the Fourteenth-Century Ramsey Psalter
  • Peterborough Abbey and the Peterborough Psalter in Brussels
  • A Follower of Jean Pucelle in England; Christian Hebraism and the Ramsey Abbey Psalter
  • An Early Fourteenth Century English Breviary at Longleat
  • An Early Fourteenth Century English Psalter in the Escorial
  • A Fragment of the Chertsey Breviary in San Francisco
  • Jean Pucelle and the Lost Miniatures of the Belleville Breviary
  • The Handclasp in the Arnolfini Wedding: A Manuscript Precedent
  • Marginalia and Word Imagery: A Series of Marginal Illustrations in the Rutland Psalter
  • Reflections on the Construction of Hybrids in English Gothic Marginal Illustrations
  • A Bawdy Betrothal in the Ormesby Psalter
  • The Study of Marginal Imagery, Past, Present, and Future; Verbal and Pictorial Play in the Margins: The Case of Stowe 49
  • The Images of Words in English Gothic Psalters; Devotional, Visionary and Self-Images: Face to Face with God: A Pictorial Image of the Beatific Vision
  • The Image of the Book-owner in the Fourteenth Century: Three Cases of Self-definitionManuscript Images of Devotion and the Wilton Diptych
  • The Chantry Chapel of Roger of Waltham in Old St Paul’s
  • Illustrated Encyclopedias and Scholarly Texts: Notes for the Illuminator: the Case of the Omne bonum
  • Omne bonum: Compilatio and Ordinatio in an English Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Fourteenth Century; Enciclopedia
  • The Canon Law Illustrations of the Omne bonum, an English Encyclopedia of the Fourteenth Century
  • Index-making in the Fourteenth Century: Archbishop Arundel’s Copy of the Gospel Commentary of William of Nottingham
  • The Role of Illustrations in James le Palmer’s Omne bonum
  • John of Metz, The Tower of Wisdom; Additional Notes
  • Index

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