Studies in Late Medieval Italian Art


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371 pp. 195 illus.
Publication: 1984
ISBN 0 907132 11 1
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In this second volume of Professor White’s studies, the emphasis shifts to Italian art in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and the major figures who were responsible for the decisive changes in painting and sculpture that were to lead on to the Renaissance. Here again, however, there is the same concern with the actual monuments. The author devotes two major studies to the reconstruction of the “original appearance of Duccio’s Maestà and of Nicola Pisano’s Perugia Fountain. An important new study of the physical evidence for Cimabue’s work at Assisi shows the value of an understanding of the working processes involved there. This conviction that the starting point in a thorough investigation into the original appearance or development of any work of art lies in the observation of the physical evidence is central to Professor White’s approach, whether this may be the arrangement of panels on a polyptych, or the scrutiny of giornate on a painted ceiling.


  • Preface
  • The Reconstruction of Nicola Pisano’s Perugia Fountain
  • The Reliefs on the Facade of the Duomo at Orvieto
  • Cavallini and the Lost Frescoes in S. Paolo
  • The Date of the ‘Legend of St. Francis’ at Assisi
  • Cimabue and the Decorative Sequence in the Upper Church of S. Francesco, Assisi
  • Cimabue and Assisi: Working Methods and Art Historical Consequences
  • Measurement, Design and Carpentry in Duccio’s Maestà, Parts I and II
  • Carpentry and Design in Duccio’s Workshop The Boston and London Triptychs
  • Giotto’s Use of Architecture in the Expulsion of Joachim and The Entry into Jerusalem at Padua
  • The Reconstruction of the Polyptych ascribed to Guariento in the Collection of the Norton Simon Foundation
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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