Early Italian Painting: Selected Studies Vol I: Panels & Frescoes


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Publication: 1984
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Edward Garrison’s work on early Italian panels resulted in the publication in 1949 of the first comprehensive index of Romanesque Italian panel painting, which remains the standard work of reference on the subject. Subsequently, his four-volume Studies in the History of Medieval Italian Painting, published in Florence between 1953 and 1962, represents the most considerable body of research yet published on Italian miniature and panel painting from the eleventh to the thirteenth centuries.

These two volumes collect together all the author’s articles on Italian fresco and panel painting which have been published in art-historical journals since 1945. This provides both an indispensable supplement to the author’s earlier Studies in the History of Medieval Italian Painting, and in including three successive Addenda to his Index of Italian Romanesque Panel Paintings, also serves the function of updating the earlier publications.

Volume I : Panels & Frescoes Contents

  • Preface
  • The Role of Criticism in the Historiography of Painting
  • Note on the Survival of Thirteenth-Century Panel Paintings in Italy
  • A Berlinghieresque Fresco in S. Stefano, Bologna
  • Ricupero di un affresco del dodicesimo secolo in Lucca
  • Towards a New History of Early Lucchese Painting
  • Elements of Shape as Indices of Date in Florentine Painted Panels
  • A Ducciesque Tabernacle at Oxford
  • The Oxford Christ Church Library Panel and the Milan Sessa Collection Shutters
  • Simeone and Machilone Spoletenses
  • Il Maestro di Forlì
  • Dating the Vatican Last Judgment Panel: Monument versus Document
  • Post-War Discoveries in Early Italian Painting, I-V
  • Addenda ad Indicem, I-III
  • Index

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