Studies in Indian Sculpture & Painting


24 x 17 cm
370 pp. 164 illus.
Publication: 1989
ISBN 0 907132 50 2
ISBN-15 978 0 907132 50 9

Book Description

Douglas Barrett was one of the leading western authorities on the arts of India. The articles brought together here are grouped into three separate sections. The first comprises six studies dealing with sculpture in North India. The following section covers painting and sculpture in the Deccan, with five papers on the Amaravati school. The final section is devoted to the sculpture of South India.


  • Preface
  • Gandhara Bronzes
  • Sculptures from Kashmir
  • Bronzes from North-West India and Western Pakistan
  • An Ivory Diptych
  • The Fa├žade of a Miniature Shrine from Kashmir
  • A Terracotta Plaque of Mahisasuramardini
  • The Early Phase at Amaravati
  • Two Unpublished Sculptures from Amaravati
  • Two Unpublished Sculptures from the Andhradesa
  • Style and Iconography at Amaravati
  • An Early Indian Bronze Figure
  • An Early Indian Toy
  • The Later School of Amaravati and its Influence
  • A Group of Bronzes from the Deccan
  • Ter
  • Painting of the Deccan
  • Some Unpublished Deccan Miniatures
  • Painting at Bijapur
  • An Early Bronze Lingodbhoramurti
  • Two Lost Early Cola Temples
  • A Bronze Srinivasa Group
  • A Group of Bronzes of the Later Cola Period
  • The Chidambaram Nataraja
  • Two Pandhya Temples
  • The Dancing Siva in Early South Indian Art
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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