Romanesque Art Problems and Monuments Volume II


24 x 17 cm
526 pp. 430 illus.
Publication: June 2004
ISBN 1 899828 99 0
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 99 9


Book Description

These two volumes brings together Professor Sauerländer’s papers on Romanesque art, and complement his two previously published volumes in this series on Gothic art.

The studies are again grouped around a number of common themes: structures, problems of classification, the geography of Romanesque art, and its development in Italy and the Empire. Early studies have been updated with references to the more recent literature, and there is a comprehensive index.

Contents: Volume II

  • In Praise of Italy – Peculiarities and Characteristics of Italian Romanesque Sculpture. Wiligelmo in Europa
  • La cultura figurativa emiliana in età romanica. Benedetto Antelami, Per un bilancio critico
  • Nicolaus e l’arte del suo tempo
  • Two Glances from the North: The Presence and the Absence of Frederick II in the Art of the Empire. The Court Art of Frederick II and the opus francigenum
  • Imperial Grandeur and Conservatism. L’allemagne romane, un pays de longue durée
  • Cluny und Speyer
  • Salisch oder Hochromanisch. Zu einem Stiftergrabmal in Hessen
  • Neither Romanesque nor Gothic. Spätstaufische Skulptur in Sachsen und Thüringen. Überlegungen zum Stand der Forschung
  • Zur Stiftertumba für Heinrich der Löwen und Herzogin Mathilde in St. Blasius zu Braunschweig
  • Great Historians of Romanesque Art. The Great Outsider. Mayer Schapiro
  • En face des Barbares et à l’écart des dévots. L’humanisme médiéval d’Henri Focillon
  • Francis Salet (1909–2000)
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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