Medieval Rome: a History in Art


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For over twenty years Professor Osborne has worked on the medieval wall paintings of Rome . His papers cover the period from the Byzantine art of the early Middle Ages to the flowering of monumental painting and mosaic in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

The twenty-two studies reprinted here deal with the paintings of varying date in San Clemente, the medieval work in the catacombs, and Santa Maria Antiqua, among many others. The author has updated the earlier studies, and there is a comprehensive index.


  • Introduction
  • The ‘Particular Judgment’: an early medieval wall-painting in the lower church of San Clemente, Rome
  • The painting of the Anastasis in the lower church of San Clemente, Rome: a re-examination of the evidence for the location of the tomb of St. Cyril
  • Early medieval painting in San Clemente, Rome: the Madonna and Child in the niche
  • The Christological scenes in the nave of the lower church of San Clemente, Rome
  • Early medieval wall-painting in the church of San Clemente, Rome: the Libertinus cycle and its date
  • The tomb of Alfanus in S. Maria in Cosmedin, Rome, and its place in the tradition of Roman funerary monuments
  • Early medieval wall-paintings in the Catacomb of San Valentino, Rome
  • The Roman catacombs in the Middle Ages
  • Peter’s Grain Heap: a medieval view of the ‘Meta Romuli’
  • The atrium of S. Maria Antiqua, Rome: a history in art
  • Wall-paintings as documents: an example from the atrium of S. Maria Antiqua, Rome
  • The use of painted initials by Greek and Latin scriptoria in Carol ingian Rome
  • Lost Roman images of Pope Urban V (1362–1370)
  • Textiles and their painted imitations in early medieval Rome
  • A Carol ingian ‘Agnus Dei’ relief from Mola di Monte Gelato, near Rome
  • New evidence for the mural decorations in the apse of S. Pellegrino in Naumachia
  • Proclamations of Power and Presence: The Setting and Function of Two Eleventh-Century Mural Decorations in the Lower Church of San Clemente, Rome
  • Artistic contacts between Rome and Constantinople in the years following the triumph of orthodoxy (AD 843)
  • Images of the Mother of God in early medieval Rome; Papal Court Culture during the Pontificate of Zacharias (AD 741-752)
  • Dado imagery in the lower church of San Clemente, Rome, and Santa Maria Immacolata at Ceri; Framing Sacred Space: eleventh-century mural painting in the churches of Rome
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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