Cathedrals and Sculpture Volume I


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Publication: 1999
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Book Description

Professor Sauerländer is the leading authority on Gothic sculpture of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The papers collected here have been published over the last 35 years. They represent important contributions to the subject – two are published here for the first time – and reflect sensible shifts of method and approach in the study of the art of this period.

The studies form two volumes, and are grouped around a number of common themes: the great centers, the survival of antiquity, the new interest in nature and its representation, and the European spread of the Gothic style. Ten are in German, six in French, and six in English. Early studies have been updated with references to the more recent literature. There is a comprehensive index and a bibliography of Professor Sauerländer’s work.
Volume I Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Milieu. Medieval Paris, Centre of European Taste. Fame and Realities
  • The Great Centres. Tombeaux chartrains du premier quart du XIIIème siècle
  • Die kunstgeschichtliche Stellung der Westportale von Notre-Dame in Paris. Ein Beitrag zur Genesis des hochgotischen Stils in der französischen Skulptur
  • Zu den neugefundenen Fragmenten von Notre-Dame in Paris
  • Les statues royales du transept de Reims
  • Observations sur la topographie et l’iconologie de la Cathédrale du sacre
  • The Survival of Antiquity. “Première architecture gothique” or “Renaissance of the Twelfth Century”?
  • Changing Perspectives in the Evaluation of Architectural History
  • Renaissance and Revival in The Twelfth Century.
  • Architecture and the Figural Arts outside Italy
  • L’art antique et sculpture autour de 1200. St. Denis, Lisieux, Chartres
  • The Mirror of Nature. “Intentio vera nostra est manifestare ea quae sunt sicut sunt”. Bildtradition und Wirklichkeitserfahrung in Spannungsfeld der staufischen Kunst
  • “Kleider machen Leute”. Vergessenes aus Viollet-le-Duc’s “Dictionnaire du mobilier français”

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