Studies in The History of Book Illumination


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386 pp. 215 illus.
Publication: 1992
ISBN 0 907132 46 4
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Book Description

Professor Nordenfalk’s work over the last forty years has represented perhaps the most important effort made in these decades to clarify the development of book illumination in the late antique and early medieval periods. His papers on late antique and insular manuscript painting in particular are recognized as standard works on the subject.

This volume brings together twenty-three of the author’s most significant papers on manuscript illumination, covering the period from the origins of the art in late antiquity to the flowering of insular and Ottonian illumination. Seven articles cover the late antique period, seven subsequent papers deal with insular manuscripts, and six are concerned with Ottonian illumination. All of the studies have been reset, and have been extensively revised by the author just prior to his death in 1992. There is a comprehensive index.


  • Preface
  • The Beginning of Book Decoration
  • The Eusebian Canon-Tables: Some Textual Problems
  • Canon-Tables on Papyrus
  • The Apostolic Canon-Tables
  • Vergilius
  • Augusteus: An Introduction to the Facsimile
  • Fisch- und Vogel-Buchstaben
  • Corbie and Cassiodorus
  • Before the Book of Durrow
  • Eastern Style Elements in the Book of Lindisfarne
  • Katz und Maus und Andere Tiere im Book of Kells
  • Another Look at the Book of Kells
  • One Hundred and Fifty Years of Varying Views on the Early Insular Gospel Books
  • A Note on the Stockholm Codex Aureus
  • Noch eine Turonische Bilderbibel
  • An Early Medieval Shorthand Alphabet
  • Der Meister des Registrum Gregorii
  • The Chronology of the Registrum Master
  • Archbishop Egbert’s “Registrum Gregorii”
  • Neue Dokumente zur Datierung des Echternacher Evangeliars in Gotha
  • A Tenth-Century Gospel Book in the Walters Art Gallery
  • A Travelling Milanese Artist in France at the Beginning of the Fifteenth Century
  • Ein unveröffentichtes Apokalypsenfragment
  • The Draped Lectern: A Motif in Anglo-Saxon Evangelist Portraits
  • Notes
  • Index

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