Visible Spirit. The Art of Gianlorenzo Bernini – Vol I


Irving Lavin

24 x 17 cm
620 pp. 346 illus.
Publication: July 2006
ISBN 978 1 899828 39 5

Book Description

As early as the 1950s, Professor Irving Lavin was -recognized as a major voice in American art history. His sustained production of seminal scholarly contributions have left their mark on an astonishingly wide range of -subjects and fields. Bringing these far-reaching publications together will not only provide a valuable resource to scholars and -students, but will also underscore fundamental themes in the history of art — historicism, the art of commemoration, the relationship between style and meaning, the -intelligence of artists — themes that define the role of the visual arts in human communication.

Irving Lavin is best known for his array of fundamental publications on the Baroque artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598–1680). These include new discoveries and studies on the master’s prodigious childhood, his architecture and -portraiture, his invention of caricature, his depictions of religious faith and political leadership, his work in the -theatre, his attitude toward death and the role of the artist in the creation of a modern sense of social responsibility. All of Professor Lavin’s papers on Bernini are here brought together in three volumes. The studies have been reset and in many cases up-dated, and there is a comprehensive index.

Volume 1 Contents

  • Preface
  • Review of Rudolf Wittkower, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The Sculptor of the Roman Baroque
  • Bernini and the Theater
  • Bozzetti and Modelli. Notes on Sculptural Procedure from the Early Renaissance through Bernini
  • Bernini and the Crossing of Saint Peter’s
  • Five Youthful Sculptures by Gianlorenzo Bernini and a Revised Chronology of his Early Works
  • Bernini’s Death; Afterthoughts on “Bernini’s Death”
  • Letter to the Editor on a review by Howard Hibbard of Bernini and the Crossing of St. Peter’s
  • Calculated Spontaneity. Bernini and the Terracotta Sketch
  • On the Pedestal of Bernini’s Bust of the Savior
  • High and Low Before their Time: Bernini and the Art of Social Satire
  • Bernini’s Memorial Plaque for Carlo Barberini
  • Bernini’s Baldachin: Considering a Reconsideration
  • Bernini’s Bust of Cardinal Montalto; Bernini’s Cosmic Eagle
  • Bernini’s Image of the Sun King.

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