Studies in the Decorative Arts of the Muslim World


Ernst Grube

Publication: March 2023

24 x 17 cm
518 pp. 324 illus.

ISBN 0 907132 79 0
ISBN-13 978 0 907132 79 0


Book Description

Although Ernst Grube made the study of painting in the Muslim world a principal concern, he also dealt with other aspects of Islamic art in some depth. Over the last forty years he published a large number of studies dealing with specific materials: metal-work, stucco decoration, textiles, and especially pottery. Of the twelve selected articles from these areas of Professor Grube’s research published in this volume, six are concerned with pottery, one deals with Ilkhanid stucco work as represented in the mausoleum of the Shaykh Muhammad ibn Bakran, near Isfahan, and four deal with the decorative arts of the Timurid period. This last group is accompanied by an extensive bibliography on Timurid decorative arts which should be specially welcome as much of this material is difficult of access and much of it is in Russian.

All articles are offered here with both additional notes and a considerably enhanced number of illustrations which greatly adds to the interest and value of the original publications.


  • Preface by Eleanor Sims
  • Pottery: Three Abbasid Ceramic Bowls
  • Islamic Sculptures: Ceramic Figurines
  • Some Lustre Tiles from Kashan in American Collections
  • Some Lustre Painted Tiles from Kashan of the 13th and 14th Centuries
  • Raqqa Keramik in der Sammlung des Metropolitan Museum in New York
  • The Art of Islamic Pottery
  • Islamic Pottery and the Ceramic Arts of the Far East
  • Ilkhanid Stucco Decoration: Ilkhanid stucco decoration: Notes on the stucco decoration of Pir-i Bakran
  • The Decorative Arts of the Timurid Period: Notes on the Decorative Arts of the Timurid Period I
  • Notes on the Decorative Arts of the Timurid Period II
  • Notes on the Decorative Arts of the Timurid Period III. On a Type of Timurid Pottery Design: The Flying-Bird-Pattern
  • Notes on the Decorative Arts of the Timurid Period IV
  • A Bibliography of Timurid Decorative Arts
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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