Studies in Medieval Islamic Architecture – Vol II


30 x 24 cm
556 pp. 258 illus.
Publication: April 2006
ISBN 1 899828 15 X
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 15 9


Book Description


  • Safavid Architecture
  • The Islamic Architecture of Persia
  • Islamic Monuments in Northern Iran
  • Mosques and Mausolea in Khurasan and Central Iran
  • Saljuq Monuments in Iran I
  • Saljuq Monuments in Iran II. The ‘Pir’ Mausoleum at Takistan
  • The Development of Saljuq Mausolea in Iran
  • Kazwin. II. Monuments
  • Saljuq Monuments in Iran III. The Domed Masjid-i Gami’ at Sugas
  • Saljuq Dome Chambers in North-West Iran
  • Saljuq Monuments in Iran IV. The Mosques of Nushabad
  • The Use of Glazed Tilework in Iranian Islamic Architecture
  • Abarquh. II. Monuments
  • The Flanged Tomb Tower at Bastam
  • The Role of Tradition in Qajar Religious Architecture
  • Archaeology. VI. Islamic Iran
  • Architecture. VI. Islamic, Safavid to Qajar
  • Ardestan. II. Monuments
  • Ashtarjan
  • Saljuq Monuments in Iran V. The Imamzada Nur, Gurgan
  • Aspects of Timurid Architecture in Central Asia
  • Abbasid Mosques in Iran
  • Mazandaran
  • Domestic Architecture in Nineteenth-century Iran: the Manzil-i Sartip Sidihi near Isfahan
  • A Safavid Tile Panel
  • Nishapur. Some Early Islamic Buildings and their Decoration
  • The Mausoleum of ‘A’isha Bibi and the Central Asian
  • Tradition of Funerary Architecture
  • Reviews of L. Bier, Sarvistan
  • Y. Kiani, The Islamic City of Gurgan
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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