Studies in Italian Sculpture


24 x 17 cm
568 pp. 341 illus.
Publication: 2001
ISBN 1 899828 31 1
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 31 9

Book Description

Dr. Avery has worked on Italian sculpture since he joined the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1966. His study continued during his career as Director of Christie’s sculpture department (1979-1990) and since then as an independent consultant and historian. He has published extensively in this field, including his survey, Florentine Renaissance Sculpture (1970); Giambologna: the complete sculpture (1987); Donatello: an Introduction (1994); and Bernini, Genius of Baroque Rome (1997). A number of articles on Italian sculpture have been included in two successive volumes entitled Studies in European Sculpture (1981 and 1987). The present volume comprises further articles written over the decade since 1986, some on specific discoveries and others consisting of broader surveys of individual sculptors’ activity or under-studied classes of Renaisance sculpture: bronze artefacts, such as seals and locks; and garden sculpture. Several are unpublished texts of lectures, or radical expansions of briefly published pieces.


  • Preface
  • Donatello’s character as revealed in the early sources: “Rough and simple in everything except his sculpture”
  • Donatello’s Madonnas Revisited
  • Donatello’s Marble Narrative Reliefs
  • The early Medici and Donatello
  • ‘Treasures in Relief’ [Luca and Andrea della Robbia ‘Madonna’ reliefs in All Saints’, Nynehead, Somerset]
  • An Assumption of the Virgin by Benvenuto Cellini. A Gilt-Bronze Seal in the Wernher Collection
  • Pierino da Vinci’s ‘Lost’ Bronze Relief of The Death by Starvation of Count Ugolino della Gherardesca and his Sons rediscovered at Chatsworth
  • ‘The Flagellation of Christ’: a Clarification of the Identity of the Reliefs by Pierino da Vinci and Vincenzo Danti
  • Giovanni Bandini (1540-1599) reconsidered
  • Giambologna’s Horse and Rider
  • Giambologna’s Horses: Questions and Hypotheses
  • Giambologna’s Wood Statuette of Julius Caesar: The Rediscovery of a Masterpiece
  • Mercury – a Flight of the Renaissance Imagination
  • Giambologna’s Bathsheba (Psyche?)
  • Cristoforo Stati of Bracciano, and Giambologna: New Discoveries
  • Fontainebleau, Milan or Rome? A Mannerist bronze lock-plate and hasp [with up-dated listing]
  • A Retreat from Reality: Sculpture Grottoes of the Medici
  • The ‘Garden called Bubley’: Foreign Impressions of Florentine Gardens, and a new discovery relating to Pratolino
  • Fanelli’s Cupid on a Dolphin Mount on a Wanli Porcelain Ewer
  • The Bronze Statuettes of Caspar Gras
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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