Cornelius Vermeule

Art and Archaeology of Antiquity Volume II

Cloth bound

24 x 17 cm 478 pp. 282 illus.
Publication: 2001
ISBN 1 899828 11 7
ISBN-13 978 1 899828 11 1


Book Description


  • Preface
  • Greek and Roman Portraits in North American Collections
  • An Etruscan Zoo Revisited
  • Aphrodisiaca: Satyr, Maenad and Eros
  • Four Important Roman Imperial Sestertii: Trajan, Hadrian and Septimius Severus
  • The Statue of the Damaskenos at the American School at Athens
  • A Greek Theme and its Survivals: The Ruler’s Shield in Tomb and Temple
  • Cappadocia on the Eve of the Byzantine Empire
  • Young Man on Horseback (500 B.C.)
  • Classical Bronzes in Three American Museums Graeco-Roman Statues:
  • I. Purpose and Setting
  • II. Literary and Archaeological Evidence for the Display and Grouping of Graeco-Roman Sculpture
  • Greek and Roman Art at the Wadsworth Athenaeum
  • Greek Sculpture and Roman Taste
  • The Basel Dog: A Vindication
  • Lions: Attic and Related
  • An Archaic Terra-cotta Rider A Greek Hero of Alexander the Great’s Age
  • Priapos and Maenad in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts
  • Three Imperial Portraits in America: Nero, Britannicus and Faustina II from Asia Minor
  • Collectors of Greek Art: Edward Perry Warren and his Successors
  • An Aegean Gold Hoard and the Court of Egypt
  • Aphrodite Unveiled Greek, Etruscan, Roman Gold and Silver in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:
  • I. Archaic to Hellenistic Gold
  • II. Hellenistic to Late Antique Gold and Silver
  • Ancient Whips
  • Dated Monuments of Hellenistic and Graeco-Roman
  • Popular Art in Asia Minor: Pontus through Mysia
  • Greek Funerary Animals, 450-300 B.C.
  • Adventures of a Graeco-Roman Marble Herm
  • A Greek Heroic Statue in Dallas
  • Antiquities at Wellesley
  • America’s neoclassic sculptors: fallen angels resurrected
  • Additional Notes
  • Index

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Cloth bound


Cornelius Vermeule


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